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Online casinos games are traditionally are looser than land based casinos, so why don’t we always win more?

It is an interesting question that many US online casino players ask often. If these slots pay more on average, why did I lose the same amount of money that I would have taken to gamble at my local casino?

The answer is simple but it still baffles the new slots players. You will not always win more because online casino slots have a much higher return to player or RTP compared to Las Vegas, NV casinos as it still all comes down to luck. It is not headline news that Indian or Native American Casinos have the lowest return to player in the gaming industry, but all brick and mortar casino fall far behind the Internet based casinos in payouts.

Some people will be lucky and hit a jackpot immediacy after a deposit but the longer you play the closer you will get to the actual rated return to player (RTP) for that slot machine in that particular establishment.

I have a friend back in Atlantic City who hit a progressive jackpot back in 2004. He plays video slots exclusively except when we get together we will hit the craps table and play a hand of blackjack or two. After his win of over $200,000 he told me that he would forever be ahead of the casinos monetarily, not just in playtime.

Now that its 2013 I am happy to say that he is indeed ahead and still spinning slots every day, but he is getting closer and closer to the set and rated RTP of his favorite slot machines. The decision was made to play online slots only and to stay away from the brick and mortar casinos of Atlantic Ave becaue online slots have up too a 99% RTP. Is this a bad thing? In the long run did he win?

We know the answer to that is obviously an astounding yes, but non-casino people would say he is giving it all back to the establishment when he has bought himself more play time than possible otherwise. We know better! He now plays at USA online casinos and is back to jackpot hunting on legal slots for real money.

This time from his home computer, tablet, and iPhone when traveling and reports more than double the play time compared to his old machines. The higher RTP of US casinos online manes more wins on the dollar and more “playtime” on average. The only downside of online casinos compared to regular casino is the speed at which you can play the games.

You do not have to wait for a dealer to shuffle the deck and the online slots move faster than physical slot machines on average. This can shorten playtime overall but also makes it more exciting in my opinion. Some players like the fact that you can spin the slots faster and decide to wager less per line so they can spin more times and go for larger multipliers. I hope this article helps clear up the differences of Internet based casino RTP and land based casino RTP in general. Now you can play slots for real money at online casinos for US players knowing you will have math on your side and return to player money in your pocket.

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